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Johnny Appleseed


A great photo by Katherine.

through the viewfinder

A Year of Joy

Emma turned a year old on February 25th! This is one lucky baby, and two lucky parents. So much love! Also- Emma is killer on the harmonica. (In case you don’t know… Left to right: Brother in law, JW Randolph; Sister, Elizabeth Randolph; Niece, Emma Randolph)

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Great short video portrait of a fascinating country. INCUBATION


The eye


By Katherine

The Who/What/When/Where of it All (via leahdoesperu)

I want to warn everyone that this post will be a bit long….I want to go ahead and give details on the when/where/what/hows of what we're doing in Huanchaco and Ciudad de Dios before I start posting on random things like food, surfing, more doors that i've run into, etc. Sound good? Beautiful. We spent our first four days in Huanchaco, the town that we're actually living in – getting to know each other, planning out the summer, roaming the town, … Read More

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Planes, trains, and bruises…. (via leahdoesperu)

Let me begin by saying that I'm alive and well in Huanchaco, Peru. Still safe, still disease free. So, everyone (mom, dad) can breathe easily. It turns out that getting anywhere in Peru is a bit of an adventure and will probably take a couple of days. Example: I left DC on Wednesday morning, landed in Lima on Wednesday night, was on a bus for 9 hours to Trujillo, and finally took a van to Huanchaco. It wasn't bad, though. We got to see a lot of N … Read More

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Heading out (via leahdoesperu)

Leah is my youngest daughter. She just graduated from the University of North Carolina school of Public Health, with a bachelors in Public Health, with many honors, including Phi Beta Kappa!

She is now on her first post-graduation public health trip to Peru where she will be working on a water project and teaching sanitary health practices to the local people.

She’ll be back in August, moving to Nashville to work a year before starting medical school in 2012.

While in Nashville, she’ll be helping her sister Elizabeth and exceptional brother-in-law care for our first granddaughter, Emma.

All of the above makes granddad a very happy man!

Heading out It's the night before I head out to Peru, so naturally, I started a blog. [note: my first blog. This is a big deal] I'm going to a completely foreign country for two months, and I just realized a few weeks ago that I've never been anywhere outside of the US for that long. As of now, I'm channeling the adventure vibe and hoping that I stay disease-free and safe. Just to catch everyone up on what's happening (why I'm writing this blog, what's the p … Read More

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